KLF funds bursaries at The Royal Marsden School to train NHS practitioners in the management and treatment of lymphoedema, thus increasing the availability of therapists which is still limited.

Various items for Sale

“Katie and I had very similar tastes in art and we enjoyed the same pictures at exhibitions. I used to paint on porcelain and Katie would sometimes commission me to do something for a friend. It was through these experiences that I thought I would like to paint something for her. It is also something concrete that I can do for her. I am very much aware that Christmas cards are a feature of charity fund raising and so I began to design them. It has been a great solace to me to do this and I have a wonderful printer who is very sensitive to my needs for the ‘precise colours’ and also uses high quality paper and envelopes. The other factor has been communication. Cards are sent and people can see the name and purpose of the charity and so awareness spreads. I have also branched out into notelets (some with recipes).”

Cards, Notelets & 
Tea Towels for Sale

Our latest addition to our shop are these gorgeous high quality cotton (Made in England) tea towels with Pat’s lovely blackberry design.

Cost is £4 plus £2 postage (up to 5).  £4 postage (up to 10).

Please support the fund by purchasing our Notelets and Christmas Cards, designed and painted by Katie’s Mum Pat with love and care. 

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